Do you think  the Planning and Zoning Commission should approve the zoning change from an FD to a SF-6 zone?

After much public outcry – and with the cooperation of the developer – the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to postpone a decision on a zoning change request for 56 acres adjacent to the Castle Forest, Franklin Square and Bishop’s Crossing neighborhoods.

The request would have changed the property from FD, or future development, to SF-6, or single-family development. The SF-6 zoning allows a maximum of 5.5 units per acre. The land is currently vacant greenspace populated by trees and wildlife.

Members of the public voiced concerns about the lack of a neighborhood outreach, drainage and flooding issues, the environmentally sensitive nature of the site and even the presence of artifacts on the land. Numerous residents asked the commission to delay a vote on the zoning change request, citing concerns about traffic through the neighborhood, water runoff, water quality the potential for problems with development on top of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the loss of wildlife habitat.

However, commissioner Lee Porterfield pointed out that there is very little land left in the city that is now vacant and in an area suitable for single-family development and commission chair Jim Garber pointed out that most of the issues that people expressed concerns about are not typically part of the zoning process.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to delay a decision for one month, to give the applicant more time to gather information, and conduct public outreach.

No, the site is too environmentally sensitive.
77% (55 votes)
Yes, we need more single-family developments.
23% (16 votes)
Total votes: 71

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