Fading SMHS Class of ‘47 lives on through scholarship fund

The San Marcos High School graduating class of 1947. Submitted by Wayne Moore

The San Marcos High School Class of 1947 has always been ready for another gathering. But with the age of its surviving members in the high 80s it is probably looking at its final reunion. But the influence of this class will live on.

This group which began with about 50 people was always proud and impressive. When opportunity occurred it took advantage.

Reunions were well attended as they occurred every 10 years through the 50th in 1997 and each 5 years thereafter. The 71st is being planned a year following the last one.

It was at the 50th that the class’s future was changed! At that time classmate Jack Williams presented to the class the idea for a scholarship fund for students graduating from San Marcos High School and attending Texas State University. After a lot of debate the idea was approved.

Eight class members made it to the 2017 reunion. Standing left to right are  Frank Hill, Bert Beecroft, Carl Scudder, J. W. Gary, Bill Moeller and Jack Williams. seated are Marguerite Bell Hall and Wayne Moore. Photo submitted by Wayne Moore

All class members were encouraged to contribute and to approach others such as their employers to contribute to the fund. Soon almost $36,000 was raised as the basis for the fund and scholarships began.

For the first several years members of the Class of 1947 would work with San Marcos High School officials and select the needy students to receive the scholarships. The first scholarship was $500 but the fund soon grew to where larger amounts were awarded and for more than one student. Over the years more than $35,000 has been awarded in scholarships and the fair market value of the fund still exceeds $74,000. The fund is self-perpetuating and will honor the memory of the class endlessly. So as the presence of the original classmates fades away, the results of its labor continues to grow.

While reunions have always been well attended the last two showed the age of the class. The 65th in 2012 drew 14. Then the class gathering for the 70th in 2017 drew 8.

A year ago there was high interest in another reunion but no one wanted to wait 5 years. So now the class is planning another after just a year. It is scheduled for Grin’s restaurant, San Marcos, June 23, 2018. Being welcomed are ex-class members, drivers, medical attendants, spouses of deceased class members, and offspring of class members.

Expectations are that we match last year’s number of eight or more at this year’s probable last meeting. In the future the success of the class will be totally judged by the success of the scholarship fund.

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