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KZSM— Confessions of a Radio Show Host

Sunday, May 12, 2024

When a friend of mine told me about a local organization working to bring community radio to San Marcos, I knew I had to get involved. After numerous meetings, several hot summer mornings of rooftop work raising the antenna and a few unexpected government mandated delays, “Into the Gray” debuted on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017, as one of the inaugural programs on

This 2017 time period coincided with grieving the recent losses of my father and both grandfathers, so this led me to begin using my grandfathers’ first names as my radio name, Ray Howard. Both KZSM and “Into the Gray” helped me move forward through my grief, and I often joke that the Friday morning studio time is my metaphorical psychiatrist couch. Countless times I have gone into the studio feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and two hours later I am walking out with a smile on my face.

When people ask me what “Into the Gray” is about, I have a hard time giving an accurate answer. I am just a normal guy. I got kids and a wife, I go to work, I coach Little League baseball, I worry about life, I laugh at things, I read books, I watch sports, I go to church, I love science, I love live musicand all of that comes out on every episode of “Into the Gray.” I attempt to encourage us all to think for ourselves, to get out of our comfort zones, to slow down and appreciate nature and people and the intricacies of life.

On every episode of “Into the Gray,” I play music from local and touring musicians and highlight the venues where they are playing in an attempt to get us up off the couch and out to have some fun. On “Into the Gray,” it is not uncommon to hear a country song, followed by a punk song, followed by Motown, followed by . . . really anything is possible. This show has allowed me to interview my all-time favorite band, talk with scientists leading their fields, discuss matters important to families, read the whole 448-page Mueller Report on air and to play music from all eras and locations. Check it out Friday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon on 104.1 FM and

KZSM is a family. Come join us. We have a spot for you to be you.

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