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When was the last time you tuned in to your true community radio station? Have you attended any of our events and spoken with our radio hosts? If you haven’t, then maybe you should. As a community radio station, we are always changing and trying to meet the needs of our community.

Recently, we have added programs to our schedule that have become very popular in a short period of time. If books and authors are of interest to you, then tune in on Tuesday afternoons for Bookmarked, hosted by Priscilla and Carter. These two ladies will introduce you to many of our local, talented writers and will also discuss books, what they offer and where to find them. This week they are hosting an open mike where individuals may come in to the studio with their favorite book, read a few passages, and share why or how this book has affected them. Please check the San Marcos Community Radio page on social media for times and location.

More recently, Allen is now sharing some of his favorite music and composers on Classical Music with Allen, late in the evening on Sundays. If your interests lean toward the metaphysical, visit with Thema on Monday evenings. Besides occasionally performing Tarot readings on the air, she and her guests discuss subjects relating to metaphysical health.

Sadly, we say goodbye to two of our programs which have entertained and amused our listeners.

Due to the demands of jobs and other opportunities, Mystery Train, which aired on Sunday evenings, and Hill Country Sports on Monday afternoons will continue to air encore presentations for a short period, but new programs will no longer be produced. We wish Wes, CJ, and Brad the best of luck as they move on.

If you would like to join our family of radio hosts, you would like to share your ideas for programs that we can offer, or you would like to volunteer to support our programming through office support or physical support when we prepare for our events, please join us this Wednesday at Wake the Dead Coffee House from 7:30 to 9 p.m. for our staff volunteer meeting. We will also be in the Kissing Alley on Thursday for our Third Thursday Kissing Alley Concert series. Come and listen to Thunderosa and Wyzer! Our concerts are always family-friendly, free and open to the public!

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